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Jeremy Butrous

,Jeremy Butrous has been working with itinerant authors, speakers, and entertainers for the last decade. He has had the privilege to work with both for profits and nonprofits, supporting their product development, and strategic growth. He currently works as a consultant, as well as providing marketing, publishing, social media, and product development services.

Jeremy is co-author of "Learning How to Love" and "The Ways of Prosperity," with his wife and business partner, Dr. Ally Butrous. Jeremy's biggest passion is writing, and he has ghostwritten over a dozen books as well as several that are bestsellers in their category. 

Jeremy and Dr. Ally co-host two podcasts together and Jeremy hosts an additional podcast, "Church with Jeremy Butrous" focused on concepts to help individuals and churches grow, succeed and thrive in Biblically sound ways. He co-hosts a teaching video platform with Dr. Ally as well.

Jeremy and Dr. Ally Butrous are based in Los Angeles, but currently travel the world to a new city each week. You can follow their travels on YouTube!