Radiant Thoughts, LLC was formed in 2018 as a passion project of Dr. Ally and Jeremy Butrous.

Through Radiant Thoughts, Dr. Ally and Jeremy work together to provide consulting, ghostwriting, content creation, course development, marketing and social media services to authors, speakers and entertainers on a very exclusive basis. They have produced and managed a range of projects from online courses to curriculum, from small events to large conferences. They have ghostwritten over 15 books, several of which have reached bestseller lists. They know what it takes to get to that next level of impact, influence and notoriety.

Jeremy brings over a decade of experience with product and content development, marketing, and ghostwriting with itinerant speakers, teachers and entertainers. Dr. Ally brings a decade of experience in the field of psychology that helps inform her on the mindsets and thoughts of content consumers. She loves creating powerful content with a cohesive brand identity that deeply impacts audiences and consumers.

Jeremy and Dr. Ally launched Radiant Publishing in 2019, offering book publishing services to authors who want a streamlined, stress-free way to publish, market and distribute their manuscript in all forms (physical book, ebook, audiobook). Radiant Publishing offers an alternative to authors who want to retain their creativity without having to change their manuscript to adapt to a publisher's wishes and interests. This allows the author to retain a massive percentage of their income as well, instead of giving it away to a traditional publisher.

We would love to hear how we can partner with you to help make your dreams and goals a reality! Please fill out the contact form on the website menu to request more information on pricing and current availability to work with Radiant Thoughts or Radiant Publishing.